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La Pegatina


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La Pegatina may be one of the most beautiful emotional explosions to have ever appeared on stage. Their musical party is full of energy and happiness. Show and Adrenaline do the job. Their crazyness and their joy are unstoppable. They have already played in 24 countries (Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Japan, Canada and in several European countries), overcoming a 1200 concerts in only 18 years. Musically, Latin rythmes flirt along with the Catalan Rumba and the Ska music to get to huge stadium anthems associated to a real Punk delirium.
Polyvalent and always looking for originality, La Pegatina has released eight albums, one documentary and one videogame.


"Al Carrer!", auto-edited 2007
"Via Mandarina", Kasba Music 2009
"Xapomelön", Kasba Music 2011
"Eureka!", Kasba Music 2013
"Revulsiu", Warner Music 2015
"La Gran Pegatina Live", Warner Music 2016
"La Pegatina en el Laboratorio Sonoro", Warner Music, 2017
"Ahora o Nunca", Warner Music 2018
"Un Secreto a Voces" Warner Music 2019
"Darle la Vuelta" Warner Music 2020
"Hacia Otra Parte" Calaverita Records / Musica Global 2022
"La Meva Gent" Calaverita Records / Musica Global 2022


Enderrock award for Best webpage
Enderrock award for Best Pop/Rock band by popular vote

ARC award for Best new band by popular vote
Musiclip award for Best Music video ("Miranda")

Enderrock award for Best Pop/Rock concert
UFI award for Best World Music album
ARC award for Best World Music Band

ARC award for Best International Tour
Filmet award for Best Music Video ("Maricarmen")

Mondosonoro award for Best "mestizaje" cd (Eureka)
Gonzoo award for Best band

"La Pegatina: El Docu", 1st place at Boom Town Film Festival (Texas, USA)
"La Pegatina: El Docu", selected at EIFF (Edmonton, Canada)
Altaveu award for our musical career

Fest Awards for Best Live Concert

Iberian Summer Awards, Best Festival Concert

ARC award for Best International Tour

Nominee at Latin Grammy because of '"Ahora o Nunca" production (Rafa Arcaute)

Galegan Acamedy Award for "Ahora o Nunca" music video (Manu Viqueira)

Iberian Summer Awards, Best Festival Concert
ARC award for Best National Tour

Nomination Premios Odeón for the best song: "Down for love"
ARC award for Best Tour